Specialized Temporary Structures

The giant, smoke-breathing, mechanical 'Time Dragon' spreads its huge wings 25 feet above the floor in pre-production assembly. Later Optex rigging and support was installed for the theatre production "Wicked" in Osaka, Japan.

Temporary Structures are regularly built by Optex Staging and Services for all kinds of unusual required support. Structures to elevate the profile of advertising banners at sporting events, start / finish line structures, scaffold support structures requiring underwater foundations for support of audio, lighting and vehicle display. 

Specialized frameworks of scaffolding are built to support buildings and special displays for films sets, and customized movie industry and theatre props.

Executive support platforms for sporting events and other special occasions.

In the audio and lighting industry Optex builds support towers, for follow-spot operation, other lighting, television cameras and required equipment and personnel. All support structures include appropriate out-rigging support and are built with required access for site technicians and operators.

Utilizing the unique All-round scaffolding and Optex staging decking, custom platforms are often designed, utilized for multiple uses and industries.

Optex experts assist our customers in the planning of the event, and utilize required know-how of local building codes. Drafts-personnel can design structures first in a CAD design, troubleshooting any problems, can determine required sight-lines and weight loads. Optex site installers often impart their experience from other events in assisting customer with placement, application know-how and useful industry techniques.