Concert Staging


Perl Jam

Axel Rose

While have having built stages for much of the top talent in the world, Optex staging services division, based out of Toronto has always kept the customers interests in mind, building exactly what is required for the event. 

Customized stages constructed of the Stageright riser system,  and large stage constructed to almost any height requirement using all-round scaffolding. Since 1978 Optex has been building stages in Toronto. From the early eighties Optex provided the first stage for the "Police Picnic" concert in Montreal. Since that time Optex has constructed stages for "Rod Stewart", "Guns n’ Roses " and many more.

While having provided two monster size stages leap-frogging across the country, Optex production works well locally or on the road. Staging side wings can include audio trolley beams built and certified for all flown configuration of professional audio equipment, custom built loading areas and ramps, poser decks above the stage, and dressing room constructed below deck level, site lighting supplied and installed.  

Smaller festival size stages are are also built regularly at Toronto city hall Nathan Philips square and accommodate varying talent and the many different requirements that each brings.