Special Projects

Party and Convention Support

Lighting and support service, rigging of car (at back).

The Optex Staging and Services talent pool is often called upon to utilize it's skills in management and production of all areas of special events. From our early days we were involved with the organization of the Mount Sinai Ball where Optex pioneered the idea of install thousands of tiny twinkle lights into the convention room ceiling.


Optex is involved annually with the Brazilian Ball, a fund raising event which serves charity with millions of dollars in donations since it's inception. The colorful and stylish presentation with it's South American theme, has had Optex's assistance and involvement for 15 years, and we are excited and proud to have been a part of every year.

Structural Support

Special celebratory lighting display on bridge bordering USA and Canada.

Evening shot from the US side.

Optex Staging and Services is often called upon to provide special rigging, truss and support structures. Rigging special equipment to provide effective motion control, trussing for signage and specialized lighting effects are among our talents.  Design and installation of support structures, for television or media, for both equipment and personnel are among the project tasks completed day-to-day by our designers and support staff.

Optex can provide standalone structures for banners, advertising and start/finish lines, as well as providing the background structure for sets and props.

Motion picture clients and special events organizers benefit from Optex engineering experience in building elaborate sets and structures as a complete project, or as a base for client advertising or props. All manner of engeering, including weight and wind loads are taken into consideration during the design phase.

For the Bell Canadian Open tournament an interesting idea was formed to float a car on water. The idea was broached and Optex took up the challenge. Optex crew willingly jumped into the pond on a hot day, working underwater for hours installing footings and scaffolding support for the customer supplied Lincoln. Although water levels rose and fell each day by a number of inches, Optex crew were able to accommodate by altering the leveling jacks from days to day, therefore maximizing the floating effect of the car on water. Guests were bewildered and amazed, and Optex delivered to another satisfied customer.

Brazilian Ball checkered dance floor

Brazilian Ball - lighting, special effects creation, production and management

Climbing wall - provision of structural support.

Cranium - simulation of top of building - film set