Rental Department

Riser Staging

Small stage created with Optex risers utilizing a variable height leg system and pleated skirting.

Our creativity thrives on our connection with you. Our organization's genuine concern for you is our motivation. You as a satisfied client, direct our innovation.  Optex would hope that you have this in mind, whether it's for Schools, Community Theatre, Church Performances or Professionals who want to create their own design in their own time or building your own stages - in your own way - we would encourage you to consult us. For helpful guidance, as a provider of equipment, involved in a major or major way, we are pleased to hear from you.


Our riser system is easy to assemble and locks together for safe use by performers. Equipment is available on a daily, weekly or monthly rental basic and all fees are scaled accordingly for afford-ability


Optex staging scaffolding systems are based on the Total systems scaffolding. They are much more versatile than traditional H-frame systems, customers find that they can transport the systems-style equipment more easily, and put solutions into place more effectively and quickly. Whether customers choose to put together their own towers or build their own stages, Optex is happy to provide guidance along the way.

Barricade and Staging accessories

The most successful and popular barricade in Canada, Optex designed and manufactured crowd barricade is unique in that it has the audience member pushing against their own weight. Optex can provide to customers to install for their own staging supplementation; podiums, skirting, kickplate, stairs and specific surfaces needed for special dance or threatrical requirements: color vinyl, carpet or paint surfaces: plain or grip style.


At our south Etobicoke location we are well equipped to handle customer rental trucks and are able to assist customers loading their equipment with manpower and forklift trucks. If customers require loading we are able to deliver via flatbed or enclosed truck service.