Indoor Staging

Optex Crew installing World SE championship

World SE championship awards

Celebration of the Queen's Jubilee commemorative metals

Optex can use it's standardized riser system or scaffolding as it's base stage for business conventions, corporate events and concerts. Optex stage supervisors and technicians know the equipment, understand the people and the venues that we work in. Our design and installation team know the importance of getting the job done right; understanding that the customers reputation is on the line.  We accept understand and accept that responsibility, and remember that our customers depend on us to represent them.

Optex turntables include weight ratings for cars and performers, AC supply in centre of stage, and can allow for hidden cutouts to accomodate monitor mix staff.

Optex provides turning stages for all kinds of events. Optex can provide for band performances in the round, complete with AC feed for equipment, and allowance for audio monitor mix personnel to actually sit in the stage. Specially built heavy-weight rated stages allow for cars to drive on and off, and include the turntables to show off vehicles with exciting motion-threatre effect. For the provision of these services and equipment, Optex is exceptional among staging companies.

Dome stadium parties often employ the a checkered pattern dance floor.

For large scale dance floors Optex Staging first established the five by five checkered dance floor from in the early eighties. When a massive dance floor is required there are few creative solutions which come across as spectacular. Optex is well known among professional set decorators, audio, lighting, video companies and other service providers. We have an excellent reputation as team players, helping all to get the job done in the most effective and efficent way.


Gord Martineau hosts the Brazilian Ball - Optex provided the tree props, stage, lighting, audio, video, and production services.

Children's Wish Foundation performance at Roy Thomson Hall

Casinorama - stage, production and support services