Temporary Bleachers & Grandstand Seating

The Sahara Cup Tournament: executive suites above, and several bleacher sets (inset)

Molson Indy Racing - Toronto

Stadium seating work has seen Optex all over North America. Whether beach volleyball, formula one racing, dog shows or small business presentations Optex puts the spectator in an excellent position for viewing.

Bleacher seating shows custom build cut-out for public washrooms, security trailers and stair access.

Computer generated three dimensional viewpoints and CAD technology allow Optex to determine the exact angles of view, allowing the exact amount of seating, in the right places. Optex often is called on to build bleachers accomodating trees, buildings, waterways and allow special passageways for staff or public access and entrance/exit ways.

ASA (Agressive Skaters Association).

Optex Staging sales personnel can visit the site, and meet with customer in advance to determine viewing locations and angles, determining the exact number seating capacity required for customer sales projections, using computer assisted design techniques.

AVP Volleyball in Florida, 2005 - shows how Optex can utilize corner seating for spectators to sit in-the-round similar to custom-built permanent stadium seating.

In addition to standard and unusual bleacher seating services, Optex regularly provides structural support for camera towers, walkways and other site equipment.






Work Photo Summary

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Bleacher Seating with Stair access at front

Volleyball court with general and executive seating

Public access route through center of bleacher structure.

Covered executive seating platforms

Tree Allowance

Executive seating and bleachers

Molson Indy - Rear

Nuveen Mens Tennis: showing both bleacher and corporate seats