Crowd Barricade

Even the wildest crowds are contained with Optex barricade, and allow security personnel step access to assist those in trouble.

Our customers tell us that our crowd barricade is unmovable. Even with the ruckus crowds at major concerts in Toronto, with all the might of a massive crowd pushing and shoving, Optex Staging crowd barricade is the best in the business.

Built and designed by Optex Staging and Services, we integrated the best designs the industry had to offer and integrated the designs into our product. Constructed of light-weight, high-strength aluminum entirely, each section latches to the next. All sections fit together for transportation on a customer barricade dolly cart. 

Optex concert crowd rental barricade is a unique design. Optex barricade competes with the best in the industry, and is utilized regularly by major concert promoters in Toronto and across Canada. Each barricade segment links together.  While each 4' aluminum section appears as a fence in front of the audience it is also mechanically connected to a plate underneath the front 4' of front row concert fans.

Optex rental crowd barricade is perfect for any occasion including mosh pit mania. No crowd can move this barricade. A platform in the rear of each section allows for a flip-down step to permit security personnel to assist concert goers to are in difficulty up and out of audience and into security controlled areas where first-aid can be administered.